Court Dismisses Discrimination Lawsuit Against Start-Up Hello Alice


In August, America First Legal filed a groundbreaking lawsuit against Hello Alice, marking a pivotal moment in legal history for start-ups. This move has sparked significant discussions and implications within the legal landscape, raising crucial legal questions involving start-ups ventures.

Federal judge Patricia A. Gaughan of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio has tossed out a case brought by America First Legal. She stated, “Plaintiffs fail to allege any injury in fact that would support their standing to seek either retrospective or prospective relief.” marking an important development in the legal battle. The lawsuit, the first of its kind against Hello Alice, alleges discriminatory practices.

America First Legal alleged that Hello Alice engaged in racial discrimination by favoring minority-owned businesses over others. However, the judge dismissed the case, citing a lack of substantial evidence to support the claims of racial discrimination.

The judge emphasized that the case lacked legal merit due to insufficient proof of Hello Alice’s wrongdoing. She dismissed the lawsuit against Hello Alice, citing a lack of substantial evidence. This case’s dismissal highlights the challenges in proving racial discrimination in legal battles. This decision set a significant precedent in legal battles involving tech start-ups.

On Their Facebook Page, Hello Alice posted about the ruling, “The court ruled that this lawsuit is now over, and our mission to drive more capital to small businesses continues. Thank you all for your love, support, and advocacy. We will never stop fighting for every small business owner making a difference in this country…”




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