Privacy Policy

1. Data Collection and Ownership

All data generated by or collected from our website and its users while visiting our platform is the property of BlockArticle. Any third party collecting or attempting to collect data from our platform or its users is subject to the following data policy.

2. Restrictions on Third Parties

No party unaffiliated with [BlockArticle] may collect or use any data from a user, or a computer or device operated by a user while visiting our platform without our prior express written permission. This includes retargeting, behavioral remarketing, or any form of syndication related to our content or users.

3. Covered Data

The data covered by this policy includes but is not limited to, data collected via advertising units, widgets, pixel tags, cookies, scripts, Blogs, Articles, User data, or other data collection processes. We reserve the right to share data with BlockArticle discretion.

4. Additional Policies

Any data collector must contact [BlockArticle]’s Revenue Operations and complete our data collector certification process. This includes providing information about the data being collected, executing the applicable Data Certification Agreement, and certifying compliance with additional technical guidelines